• January thru April  -    We have spent so much of our time deciding on what variety to grow and where to dig and how many water lines to put in. We have changed our minds many times on where rows would start and end and once we had finalized our plan we were excited to get this business going. And one of the biggest tasks has been to clear off hundreds of cedar trees from a 5 acre area to get us started. One of our biggest regrets we have now is that we didn't take pictures of our progress until much later on.

( 2017 )  Berries thru the grass

( 2015 )  The Foundation Year

  • May thru August  -   We have layed out lateral lines and all the other connections for the pipes and the trenches are dug now the hard jobs start. And we will get started on sulfuring where the rows are to help lower the high PH of the soil so the plants will thrive. We also started to purchase other materials for this massive undertaking ( tons of mulch, sulfur and sand ).
  • June, July and August  -  My family and I have a new appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice that made this country .... The heat and humidity have been hard to over come, especially When it comes to all the effort it takes to mulch the long rows and pick up all the rocks that Missouri grows. The parking lot has now been expanded to better accommodate the large tractor trailers that deliver many of our supplies ( things are changing ) .
  • January and February -    It's been a rough couple of months with a lot of nasty wind blowing almost non stop day after day( we keep hoping it will break ) , which is making it hard to work with all the peat and sand, sum day's we can't work at all in the field.  We are still not for sure all of the varieties and species we want to offer for sale to our customers?     We had a few dump trucks come in and start to make a parking lot for our customers and soon we will make it bigger.
  • April - Our amazing dozer operator is here, and it is time to make more room for blackberry plants over 1000 going in. But now we will have to look at a 10 foot high and 200 foot long pile of cedar trees for a few years until they break down.
  • March - Several more trucks of mulch for the berries, It's going to take forever to move it all. I love this time of year when the plants start to wake up and the weather is still cool.

( 2016 )  The Formation Begins

  • March  - Its amazing how fast time goes by spring is here and their are so many things to do in the field. I hope we are going to be up to the task to establish all these rows? We are determend so I hope that will help as it starts to get hard. Well sum of the plants are starting to arrive so here we go. We have found that we can only go for so long before our bodies just give out .
  •  April and May   -  Plant, plant ,and plant sum more, row after rows of blueberries have been going in hundreds at a time and sum honeyberries have also went in. Several trucks of mulch continue to be delivered and we are trying to move it as fast as we can ( but I think we are loosing that fight ).  (  Mid May )  Well now we are working with the Goji berries and Blackberries and there are so many different requirements for each species. I'm starting to think the hot weather will really be a problem as we move in to the weeks ahead ( but I guess that is part of this business ).
  • September thru December  -  As we come together and reflect on a long hard year, we have learned how to work better as a team. And to respect that everyone has a contribution to make and not everyone will be able to do the same things , BUT if we all try for the same goal we will not be stopped.
  • May - It is so over whelming the amount of mulch all these plants take, but we hope it will be worth it in the end so we don't have to water as often. We spend almost all of our free time out in the field so the less we have to do something the better.   
  • January and February - Warm days and cool days it would be great to get sum cold weather for awhile so we can finish the pruning and then get back to mulching.

Life at BBerries, a families hopeful Journey