( Early January 2017 updates )          We made it thru the Jan 13th &14th Ice storm pretty well there was a little bit of damage from the 1/2" of ice but all in all not to bad. The rabbit and deer damage has been pretty minimal so far, so things look like we are off to a good start to 2017.          

April 12   500  Thornless Prime-ark traveler and 500 Prime-ark Freedom Blackberries have now arrived and are being planted for summer berries. We had to bulldoze another 3 1/2 to 4 acres of cedar trees and those were piled up for animal habitat so when you get to the farm you will see the HUGE rabbit and quail brush piles. 


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Hard work

March 1 2017     Spring is here, The Honeyberries are in full bloom, and sum varieties of the blueberries are in full bloom also.   


Thank you for choosing us for most of your berry needs. We are currently closed and preparing for our 2017 season.  If all goes well we will be opening in the spring of 2017 for limited Blueberry picking, And our summer blackberry crop should be good. ( maybe a small bit of the Goji's also ). 

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Picking updates and times

We are not currently picking.

May 10 2017    The Blueray's and Bluecrop are looking good so far, and are doing really well for their age.  Also the blackberries took off after the 9 inches of rain we got in one week.

Hoping on end of may or first of june to start a limited picking of a few varieties of blueberries.