Try not to harm any of the plants that's how we get the berries we grow.

Picking buckets (small ones for the kids) and take home bags for your blueberries are provided. Pint and Quart containers for the Blackberries, Goji, Cherries, Honeyberries are also provided. ALL Containers will be next to the check out shed.

We all love berries especially kidos, You can sample as needed. PLEASE try to not go to extremes.

Always be aware of your surrondings and what you and your kids are doing, we are in the country were animals and bugs live.

EVERY one will need to wash their hands at one of the washing stations before picking in the field to limit the spread of germs and possible plant diseases from other farms.                                                              We kindly ask that no one smoke on the farm to limit diseases from tobacco plants. 

Sum things to consider bring :   Sturdy shoes,  Large hat,  { Sun block,  bug spray ( PLEASE wash hands after applying ) }.

We have 3 shaded picnic areas for you to enjoy,  PLEASE put all trash in the trash cans provided and leave the area the way you found it. THANK YOU            When you are ready to pick again please wash your hands before you start.

Please don't pull on drip hoses or move them.

Try to dress so that you will be comfortable outside,  loose fitting clothes that are a lighter color will help you stay cool. And be sure to drink plenty of fluids be for your outing.

A Trip to the farm can be a very fun time with your family and enjoyable experience if you plan ahead.  

Water stations will be near the picnic areas for your convenience. And other refreshments and snacks will be sold at the check out shed.

We are a large growing u pick farm and there is sum distance between berry fields so be ready for that.